Dyslexie font considers reading as the key to a better future; a key that should also be available for people with dyslexia. The innovative font of Christian forms the base, current technology determines the scale of possibilities, the dedicated team stays the driving force behind the organization.

Dyslexie font keeps on dedicating itself to increase the awareness concerning dyslexia and to develop new products. This way we aim to make the way to a better future clear, easier and fun.
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Graphic designer Christian Boer (1981) has been challenged by dyslexia as long as he can remember. Therefor he decided to look for a way to make reading for people with dyslexia easier and more pleasant. This became the starting point of his graduation project at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten (University of the Arts Utrecht)

He designed an unique font, for which dyslexia and its challenges formed the guidelines. His revolutionary design was embraced with enthusiasm and the organization Dyslexie font was born. From that point on, a lot has happened.
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Dyslexie font has received several awards and Christian has been invited as a speaker during various international conferences. Also within the media, the breakthroughs of Dyslexie font haven’t stayed unnoticed.

In 2011 Christian receives his first price during the Urban Stage Awards and in 2015 he is presenting his case during the TEDx in New York. Various TV-programs and leading news platforms – such as The Guardian – have paid their interests in Dyslexie font.
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This media attention and awards are a huge compliment, however, for us there is only one opinion that truly matters: the opinion of our users. Fortunately, the feedback that we have received on Dyslexie font is as enthusiastic as we are, which for us is the biggest motivation to keep from moving forward at full speed!

Dyslexie font users have let us know that they have finally enjoyed reading a book and some of them tell us that they have almost gotten emotional by the first glance at a – for them finally well readable – text. Are you curious about more promising, wise and wonderful words?
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Dyslexia and the effect of Dyslexie font have been widely studied by the international Dyslexia Community. The results are very positive and promising!

For us, research significates better insights and progress. Therefor we keep on embracing studies about dyslexia and our font. Read more about the research and check the results.
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Tools are essential and offer various solutions, however sustainable progress start with knowledge, understanding and recognition. We work hard to increase the awareness among dyslexia and to spread the knowledge – also in areas where dyslexia is relatively unknown. We like to approach things with a positive twist and would therefor also like to emphasis the upside of dyslexia; a side that we would love to help you discover.
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